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The Caribbean Voice

Caribbean Voice Over Actor / Media Production Professional

I've Only Just Begun

"This I was not prepared for. I had no idea that I would be considered by so many as a role model much less a celebrity. There were people who in my mind, were celebrities and I never once considered myself to be on their level. So to hear people refer to me like that was a humbling experience".

By this time Norbert was in his 4th year of marriage and already had his daughter, Nicole Patrice Latoya Thomas. He had also 'given birth' to a radio production studio, which he designed and built and continued as it's chief engineer, for the Christian Brethren Media Team, feeding the local radio stations with weekly religious current news programming. Then in 1995, the US Embassy finally granted the long awaited visa for travel. Norbert took this opportunity to go in search of a new life, a different life than he had become accustomed to in Jamaica.

A New Start

Norbert arrived in the United States on June 30, 1995 and within a few short weeks had found employment with Dale Laboratories of Hollywood, a high end, highly acclaimed and decorated, Kodak fitted photo finishing lab. About the same time, he was also led to the New Birth Baptist Church, a new ministry in the Miami area that had just outfitted itself with professional television equipment for its media ministry.

"The Sunday I visited, was the Sunday the engineers were putting on the finishing touches to the system. The Senior Pastor, Bishop Victor T. Curry, had made a plea from the pulpit and I responded. I was told to return the following Wednesday for the regular weekly training. So I did. Well, much to my surprise, the Lord had me to be the one to train his people. I led that ministry as the Director of Production & Training until I left Miami in 2003".

In retrospect, Norbert says he now sees how the Lord had prepared him for this journey. He has since been associated with WSVN CH7(Fox); WMBM AM1490; Miami Dade College, The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University and The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati. He has also designed and taught similar Television programs at A1A employment , Spirit of Christ Ministries and New Life Outreach Church. He was also nominated for a Spirit Award for his work in Religious Media in Miami Florida. Norbert has also had the distinction of being called by the Opposition Party of Jamaica as a consultant to set up their media production facilities.

Norbert has now relaunched his voice over career as 'The Caribbean Voice Artist'. He operates his own home based studio with top of the line equipment to produce broadcast quality work. Want to hear some of Norbert's Voice Over work?

Norbert holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts degree in Communications from Almeda College and University. Norbert spends a lot of time in his studio when he is not in the movie theaters or in the kitchen cooking. He likes fast cars and outdoor sports. Norbert and his daughter Nicole now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.